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DE GUSTIBUS Artisan breads still made the traditional way.

Ciabatta The classic Italian loaf (the slipper), specially baked with extra virgin olive oil for days of natural freshness and maximum flavour, the softness unique to our creation makes it the best selling ciabatta.
Tomato Ciabatta Italian herb's and sun dried tomatoes give our own creation its special taste.

Spinach Ciabatta

Succulent leaf spinach and a hint of spices makes this bread truly unique.
Garlic Bread Forget the pizza place/supermarket kind and indulge in a sourdough ciabatta like flat bread, spiced with our own herb selection and balanced with garlic to give it maximum flavour. Toast it, spread butter on it and be spoiled for choice.
Tuscany Bread Tomatoes, Sweet pepper, herbs and olives create this unusual and delicious loaf.
Pugliese A pure wheat bread made with olive oil and a long fermentation process. Creamy and distinctive eating properties, 100% wheat.
Black Olive & Herbs Is a light (25%) rye sour with mellow black olives.
Mozzarella Dill Bread Dill tips mixed with true mozzarella cheese in our sourdough bread a leading seller for its unique taste. You haven't tasted anything like it.
Green Olive & Pumpkin Seed Fragrant olives with nutty pumpkin seeds in a light white sourdough.
Calzone The Italian filled pizza pocket. The olive dough is filled with a vegetarian bolognese and mozzarella cheese.
Olive Focaccia Soft and moist with a distinctive taste of fine blended herbs and green and black olives finished with extra virigin olive oil, good eaten on its own, grilled, filled or topped, you will find nothing like it.
Pane Milanese We use a special long fermented dough, herbs and olive oil (the best virgin oil of course) marbled with black olive pate and pumpkin seeds or sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts for a masterpiece of Italian flavours.
Porcini, Sage & Bay The expensive, flavourful ceps are the base of a malted grain bread with a hint of sage and bay.
Mascarpone and Fruit Bread Sweetened by fruit, the mellow mascarpone provides ample flavour for this excellent all-day loaf.
Fig and Rosemary Crunchy fragrant cloverleaf-shaped dough.
Tortino A regional filled Focaccia. We fill it either with leaf spinach, olives, garlic, nuts and cheese or Tuscany style with aubergines, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic and cheese. Over 3lb of temptation.
Fresh Rosemary and Sea salt Focaccia The classic Italian pre-pizza bread, deliciously eaten with melted cheese or garlic topping, or just on its own.
Polenta Millet Sunflower Bread We named the ingredients, your imagination has to do the rest and then taste it.
Italian Sweet Bread Nuts, Fennel and Sultanas make this absolute moist delicious festive bread.
Tomato Herb Bread Italian plum tomatoes with a mixture of Oregano, thyme, rosemary and basil in a sourdough is a perfect lunch.
Focaccini Little focaccias but not little in taste. The olive oil dough is topped with goats cheese, sun dried tomatoes, olives, nuts, pepper or mozzarella. Lunch perfect.


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